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Stop the residential power tax in Kentucky!

Did you know there is talk about adding a sales tax to your residential power bill? That’s right, some elected officials have floated this idea as a potential revenue source. Conversations about a residential power sales tax are happening now. If this idea passes, every time you flip a light switch, turn on your washer and dryer, or use any power- you’ll be taxed!

Don’t delay! Take action today by using the form to the right to Stop the Residential Power Sales Tax!

Under current law, residential electric bills are exempt from the state’s 6% sales tax. But if the exemption is removed, it could cost some consumer-members hundreds of dollars per year.

As your electric providers, Kentucky’s 26 electric co-ops are committed to stopping a sales tax on your residential power bill:

  • Adding any additional tax to electric bills would have a devastating impact on rural Kentuckians.
  • Most rural counties don’t have access to natural gas, which means a reliance on electric heat.
  • The prevalence of housing in rural Kentucky that is not as energy-efficient also results in more electric usage.

Co-ops are owned by the people we serve, and this is an important time for all of us to speak up against a tax on residential power bills.

We all must work together to keep our bills as low as possible.

Fill out the form to the right to tell your legislator “No Residential Power Sales Tax!”