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About Kentucky Electric Cooperatives

Head to Take Action to learn more about the proposed Residential Power Sales Tax!

One in four Kentuckians receives their power from an electric co-op. Kentucky Electric Cooperatives is the statewide association of the state’s 26 electric co-ops which collectively serve more than one million Kentuckians. Electric co-ops were first developed in the 1930s because city utilities, owned by investors wanting to make a profit, ignored rural America—they didn’t think there was enough money to be earned there. So, people in rural communities met with each other and formed their own local electric co-ops.

Not-for-profit electric co-ops are locally owned and operated by the very consumer-members they serve, which means the co-op is always looking out for you with a focus on member needs and local priorities. The at-cost energy co-ops provide not only helps household budgets, but also economic development in your community.

Though everyone can agree it is important for governments to adequately fund critical operations, Kentucky Electric Cooperatives will continue to speak up for local consumer-members to prevent extra charges unrelated to your electricity service from appearing on your bill.

Speak out on the Take Action page today against the residential power sales tax and stay tuned to this website for future issues!